February 2, 2015

The Secret of Monkey Island

LucasArts, 1990

This now legendary title was the first of the Monkey Island series and considered THE classic graphic adventure in virtually all gaming circles. Ron Gilbert, the creator of the series and the designer of the two first games, achieved would-wide acclaim with this title in 1990. He deserves more than these accolades for the incredible story, graphics, puzzles and interface. In this one, you take the role of Guybrush Threepwood, an inept young man who aspires to become a famous pirate and sail the high seas. To do so, you must endure three difficult trials. In the second part of the game you are bound to rescue the love of your life, the beautiful Governor Elaine Marley who has been kidnapped by an evil ghost-pirate named LeChuck and taken to a mysterious hideout on the Monkey Island.

The game uses the same interface as found in previous mouse-driven adventures of LucasFilm Games, packed with great graphics and sound for the time. The originality and hilarious humor are two main factors of why you should play this masterpiece adventure.