February 2, 2015


Wicked Studios, Inc., 2006

Keepsake is a fantasy adventure game set in an enchanted world of magic and pseudo-scientific alchemy with a story-line so compelling and spellbinding that it will keep you glued to your chair or sofa to the end. Beside a compelling story-line, the game which is developed by a Montreal based gaming house, Wicked Studios and published by no other but our favorite, ''The Adventure Company'' also features an original soundtrack, tongue-in-cheek graphics and a chest full of mind-boggling puzzles never to be seen in any other game.

Lydia, the main character of the game is a young woman who arrives at the Dragonvale Academy of Magic to enroll herself as a new student and also to meet Celeste, her childhood friend after a very long time, but her first day at the School doesn't turn out as she expected. There is no one in sight except a talking wolf named Zak whom she releases from a magically locked cupboard to be her sidekick as she continues exploring the huge deserted Academy and its surrounding jungle to investigate the mysterious absence of its students, teachers and especially her friend, Celeste. The Academy has many locked doors, floors and sections, which you unlock one by one by solving puzzles, magical riddles found in the pages scattered around the Academy and overcoming other hurdles. Talking of puzzles, the game entertains the player with different sort of puzzles, which include inventory based puzzles, unique board games, riddles and some logical puzzles.

The point and click control interface is simple and easy to understand and a unique ''What to do Next?'' game option is exceedingly helpful during the game-play. The graphics and animations are real eye-candy with tons of breath-taking and realistic locations to venture while they are most appropriately exhibiting a true magical world environment. While the voice acting is good, the sound effects and others noises are very realistic and enjoyable. Overall, Keepsake is an excellent, but challenging adventure game, which will provide the gamers an extensive amount of pleasure and entertainment, and a chance to practice their puzzle-solving skills, highly recommended adventure game!