February 2, 2015

Jazz and Faust

Saturn Plus, 2002

Jazz and Faust is an epic adventure that rejoices the charming tales of Arabian-Nights told by Shererazade, the talented and beautiful wife of Sultan Shahriar. The game is comprised of two separate adventures with different paths and puzzles but similar conclusion and locations, featuring our two heroes Jazz and Faust, turn by turn. In the beginning you have the choice of which character you want to play first. Jazz is a smuggler who can smuggle anything on his ship for money and on the other hand, Faust is a man of principles and doesn't do anything which is against the law. Both adventures circle around a similar plot that involves a double murder, a princess and a treasure. Jazz is after the treasure but Faust is in love with the Princess, who is also after the treasure. Near the end Jazz and Faust unite and play the rest of the adventure together.

The graphics are beautifully well done with glamorous settings. The only glitch is the poor voice acting, which is terribly neglected in the game, especially the Faust part. The controls are smooth and easy to manipulate. Puzzles are mostly inventory-based and piece of cake for professional adventure gamers. Highly recommended game.