February 8, 2015

Full Throttle

LucasArts, 1995

This is one of the finest LucasArts' adventure games and my favorite. In Full Throttle you play the role of Ben, the leader of the Polecats, a small gang of bikers. The CEO of Corley Motor Co. has been murdered and you are the prime suspect. A freelance newspaper photographer is the only witness as she took photographs of the actual murderer while he was busy committing the crime, and also framed you. Your gang is in the Police custody for interrogation and now, it is your task by fate to bring the real murderer to justice and proof yourself innocent.

Full Throttle has same style of graphics found in The Dig and Day of the Tentacle. The graphics, voice acting, and story are all fabulous and the interface is totally different and unique. This is a great game and a masterpiece in all respects and highly recommended to those who have never played an adventure game before. 


DreamForge Intertainment, Inc., 1998

Sanitarium is undoubtedly the very best psycho-social thriller ever created with a story so gripping that I would literally ruin it if I start telling you about it. Though the introduction movie sequences explains that you discover something while observing the night sky in your observatory and call someone to tell him about your discovering. Then you get in your car and drive fast along a dangerous hillside road and at one point you lose control and drive off the road and vanish into the dark. The game begins as you awake to find yourself an inmate in a sinister insane asylum, but with no memory of who you are or what brought you this impasse. The malevolent atmosphere only deepens as each new chapter of the game unfolds, revealing frightening plot twists.  As the mystery of your past is slowly revealed, you struggle to escape the nightmarish landscape.

This classy adventure has it all: First-rate writing, brilliant storyline and stunning graphics - graphics terrifying enough to send you screaming into the night. While not for the squeamish, lovers of horror games must not pass up this one. If you are deciding what to play next, make it Sanitarium.

Batman Returns

Spirit of Discovery, 1992

Batman Returns is an action adventure game based on the popular character of the title. Normally, games attempting to capitalize on movie, TV or comic book hero name-recognition tend to be weak in both story and playability. Batman Returns is no exception. Indeed, it is much worse than even the atrocious action game of the same name that was released by GameTek. You are Batman and you must save Gotham City from the evil Penguin and his gangsters, who are wreaking havoc in every corner of the city. Fight them using different Batman weapons.

Even the most colorful graphics cannot make up for the poor plot, the interface  and the combat sequences that plague this title. The quest is unusually short and a good adventure gamer may end it in one sitting.

The Black Cauldron

Sierra On-Line, 1987

Another unforgettable adventure game from Sierra On-Line, Black Cauldron is based on the acclaimed Walt Disney animated classic. You play as Taran, a young hero charged with the care of a magical pig, HenWen. Your task is to save the magical pig from the evil sorcerer who covets it so that he can find the black cauldron and rule the world.

While the game has a very unique interface, where instead of typing your commands you have some function keys to press to do commands like "DO" and "USE," you control the movement of your character by clicking your mouse cursor on the desired point on the screen. The marvelous humor and EGA graphics make this one worthy of both the Sierra and Disney names.

Callahan's Crosstime Saloon

Legend Entertainment Company, 1997

A futuristic adventure based on Spider Robinson's stories about Callahan's bar situated somewhere in the future Long Island. The story in the game surrounds this unusual bar where most of the regulars are aliens, time travellers, and vampires. The divine beings of our universe have decided to shutdown the whole universe and it's now your quest to save the universe from being erased by these godly entities. The game is packed with hilarious bar games and puzzles.

Legend has completely done justice with the Callahan's stories' strange characters and twisted humor in this bizarre adventure with superb graphics and atmospheric piano bar music. I highly recommend this game to every serious adventure gamer.

Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: Case of the Serrated Scalpel

Mythos Software, 1992

One of the better Sherlock Holmes games to be found. In this game you are called to investigate the murder of a young actress by someone using the same weapon as the mysterious Ripper... or is this the work of the Ripper himself?

The Lost Files features an excellent plot, quality graphics and superb writing, and has for background turn-of-the-century London. While the puzzles could be more interesting, the colorful characters and engaging story more than make up for this shortcoming. So grab your pipe and cap and join the legendary Sherlock Holmes along with his companion, Dr. Watson in solving the Case of the Serrated Scalpel.


Coktel Vision, 1991

Goblins is a wacky adventure which puts you in control of a group of goblins who must help their king regain his sanity. Track down the dark force that's using Voodoo to abuse your king before the entire kingdom falls to it's evil powers.

This game is cartoon adventure at it's best, full of off-beat humor and peculiar puzzles. The first of the three part Goblins series, this quirky Coktel adventure boasts excellent graphics and a charming storyline. Highly recommended for all fans of adventure!

Gobliins 2: The Prince Buffoon

Coktel Vision, 1992

Our cartoon goblins are back, but funnier and more quirky than ever! The best of the three part Goblins Series, Prince Buffoon sets you on a simple quest: Rescue the buffoon-like prince and return him to his castle. Of course, this is much easier said than done! The graphics have been improved and the colorful goblin world is as charming as it is amusing. Puzzles are both funny and interesting, but always oddly logical. This unusual combination insures that Gobliins 2 is destined to become an adventure classic. Don't miss this fine offering from Coktel, the masters of quirky cartoon adventure.

Goblins Quest 3

Coktel Vision, 1993

In this third part of the Goblins series, you must now rescue a kidnapped princess and return her to her royal family. Humorous puzzles and laugh-out-loud one-liners make this cartoon adventure another triumph for Coktel. The graphics and sound effects are top-notch and are beautifully off-set by the always-odd, but logical puzzles.  If you enjoyed the wild sense of humor in the first two games of this series, then don't miss this wacky outing of everyone's favorite goblins! Highly recommended!