February 8, 2015


MicroProse, 1994

This is one of the few adventure games offered by MicroProse that is reminescent  of the glory of the Kings Quest games. The intro in the game shows the events of twenty years earlier when the evil sorcerer Sanwe was imprisoned in his tower by Ner-Tom, the Royal Court Wizard. Sanwe vows to have his revenge and Ner-Tom knows his spell will not last forever so he creates the Dragonsphere, a crystal globe that represents the trapped sorcerer and that will keep the kingdom safe for as long as it remains intact.

Twenty years have passed and you as Callash is ruling the kingdom of  Gran Callahack. Suddenly, the Dragonsphere starts to crack. Ner-Tom has mysteriously disappeared. Its is now your duty to save the kingdom once again from the evil deeds of ner-Tom. You must journey to Sanwe's tower to fight the sorcerer to the death before he regains full powers and lays waste to the land.

Marvelous puzzles and intriguing plot twists keep the game exciting and the gamer playing. The easy interface and excellent graphics make this game truly enjoyable.  Another winner by Microprose!