February 8, 2015

The 7th Guest

Trilobyte, 1993

In 1993, Trilobyte set a new trend in the gaming world by developing The 7th Guest and elevating the CDROM capabilities to the highest standard with its incredible graphics and sound effects. In the game, the astonishing introduction tells the story of Henry Stauf, a drifter who gets toy-making ideas in his dreams ever since he killed a poor and miserable girl. He starts his own toy-making firm where he creates innovative Stauf toys, which become the toys for life and children love them. But, suddenly children in the city start dying with Stauf toys by their side. One evening Stauf invites six guests in his hilltop estate who never return and no one knows what happened to them that evening and it becomes a mystery. Seventy years have passed and one evening you make your entry as the seventh and last guest in Stauf's now deserted house. Your goal in the game is to solve mind-boggling puzzles set in every room, which in return would solve the ill-fated mystery of the six guests.

The navigation through the rooms is controlled by a point-and-click interface with an animated skeleton hand cursor. A map is available, which points out the different rooms on every floor that are accessible or solved, as you progress in the game. Every solved puzzle rewards you with a video-sequence that shows you the events happened on that cursed evening. Nevertheless, this game is the trendsetter that hails the introduction of CDROM capabilities, but the question is, who wants to be the 7th guest?