July 19, 2015


Trilobyte, 1996

Clandestiny is the latest outing from Trilobyte, the makers of The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour, into the world of mind-boggling puzzles and riddles, hard enough to put your brain on fire. The game begins with a very beautiful animated intro showing Andrew MacPhile driving his car on a deserted road while on his way to the Castle MacPhile, which he now owns being the last descendant left in the family. Accompanying him is his beautiful fiancĂ©e, Paula. As the couple steps into the castle's courtyard they receive the warmest welcome from the Castle occupants, who look more like undead creatures to Andrew. The Castle in plagued by an evil curse and you are aimed to get rid of this curse by solving all the puzzles and riddles.

The game is fully packed with brilliantly animated cut-scenes, beautiful 3D backgrounds and one of the best orchestral music. While the puzzles and riddles are very hard and logical, an in-game hint system is available to get tips. A map is also available in the game options, which indicates the rooms and areas you have ventured as you progress into the game. So, if you have played and enjoyed The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour then this game is your best bet.

Superhero League of Hoboken

Legend Entertainment Company, 1994

This title was Steve Meretzky's first foray into the world of interactive fiction/adventure game hybrids. In a post-apocalyptic future you play Crimson Tape, leader of the Superhero League of Hoboken. Your mission is to defeat the chaotic Dr. Entropy and rid New York of the mutations and monsters which have come to inhabit it. The game has good humor, music and voice acting, but the frequent combat and RPG character controls make it ultimately unsatisfying. Still, a nice addition to any adventure players collection.

Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess

Draconian, 1989

An unusual game that is destined to become a true classic, Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess casts you as Raven, a being with a number of Sci-powers. Your task is to find, then rescue the future leader of your planet.  What makes this wacky adventure unique, however, is that it allows you to solve puzzles not only by using items in your inventory, but also by casting spells.  Overcoming obstacles is more than enjoyable when you can cast spells like night-vision and walking-up-walls in order to overcome specific problems when you are stuck. While a bit on the short side, the unique plot and original atmosphere makes this one a must-have for all graphic adventure lovers.

Cobra Mission

MegaTech, 1992

Anime style role-playing game packed with explicit Hentai scenes. You play as a private investigator, called by a friend to save Cobra City from the claws of five local gangs and their leaders. During your mission you need to help damsels in distress by defeating the bad guys, who then in return will offer you her whole hearted exuberant hospitality. In the game finale you have to confront and defeat the Master Criminal, General Kaiser.

This Game is actually meant to be played by adult audience due to some very intense sexual "Hentai" graphics. So if you are an adult and enjoy role playing games with an adult touch in the scenes then, Cobra Mission is worth trying.

Day of the Tentacle

LucasArts, 1993

A sequel to Maniac Mansion, also known as Maniac Mansion 2. You play as Bernard, Laverne and Hoagie, three friends that attempt to save the tentacles that Dr. Fred has decided to kill. But, in their efforts Laverne gets transported 200 years in future and Hoagie 200 years in the past by Dr. Fred's crazy machine, the Sludge'o'Matic. You control all three characters one at a time by switching between them whenever you want.

This romping adventure title has a true point-and-click interface, marvelous graphics, and one of the first to feature cartoon characters with animated facial expressions and physical body humor. Additionally, the digital quality music, speech and sound effects bring more fun in the game. Its one of LucasArts' finest game and one mustn't miss it!

Conquests of Camelot: Search for the Grail

Sierra On-Line, 1990

In the days of the Round Table, legendary knight Lancelot falls in love with his King's bride, Guinevere, setting into motion a series of disastrous events that threaten all of Britannia.  And now, three of Britannia's most renowned knights have vanished. As Arthur, you must quest from Britannia to Arabia to save the knights and your homeland by finding the Holy Grail. On your way, you meet the Lady of the Lake, the Black Knight and finally, pass the test of the six goddesses to prove yourself true and worthy to receive the Holy Grail.

The game has similar type-and-click interface to be found in all earlier Sierra On-line games. The EGA graphics and PC speaker supported background tunes are marvelous and make this piece of bits and bytes a masterpiece.

Codename: ICEMAN

Sierra On-Line, 1990

Sierra's only installment in the proposed Iceman series casts you as Johnny Westland, a naval officer on a quest of national importance. The adventure portions of the game, which deal with oil reserves in the African country of Tunisia, are quite enjoyable. However, a sustained lack of guidance becomes problematic as you have little or no direction during game play. The submarine simulator is fun and includes many very interesting options to explore, but there is little excitement or invention in the resulting action sequences. The game does have a good plot, so if you enjoy combat or spy games, this title is certainly for you.

Sam & Max Hit the Road

LucasArts, 1993

This animated adventure casts you as Sam and Max, a dog and a rabbit freelance police, who are investigating the disappearance of Bigfoot, which was one of the best attractions in a local carnival. With marvelous humor and graphics, this title will enchant you as you join our crime-stopping pair in their journey across a fictional continental United States to find the legendary Bigfoot. Your investigation makes you visit many fantastic locations including the World's Largest Ball of Twine, Mount Rushmore Dinosaur Tarpit and a Miniature Golf Course overrun with gators. This is graphic cartoon adventuring at it’s best!

Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire

Yosemite Entertainment, 1999

This is the last chapter of the Quest for Glory series which was started in 1989 with it's first game, Hero's Quest, which was later remade with icon driven interface, VGA graphics, improved sound effects and music under the title, "Quest for Glory 1: So You Want to be a Hero." In Quest for Glory V, you have been sent to Silmaria by Erasmus the wizard to take part in the Rites of the Ruler ship. The ruler of Silmaria has been assassinated and someone is trying to release the dragon by destroying the five pillars, situated in five different locations around the island. These magical pillars are meant to keep the evil dragon sleeping in its lair and villages around the island safe from its evil deeds. The game also features most of the characters from previous Quest for Glory chapters.

The graphics in Dragon fire are breathtaking with excellent digital sound and music. The interface is point and click and very easy to maneuver. If you enjoyed the previous Quest for Glory games then I would highly recommend playing the last in the series.