July 19, 2015


Trilobyte, 1996

Clandestiny is the latest outing from Trilobyte, the makers of The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour, into the world of mind-boggling puzzles and riddles, hard enough to put your brain on fire. The game begins with a very beautiful animated intro showing Andrew MacPhile driving his car on a deserted road while on his way to the Castle MacPhile, which he now owns being the last descendant left in the family. Accompanying him is his beautiful fiancĂ©e, Paula. As the couple steps into the castle's courtyard they receive the warmest welcome from the Castle occupants, who look more like undead creatures to Andrew. The Castle in plagued by an evil curse and you are aimed to get rid of this curse by solving all the puzzles and riddles.

The game is fully packed with brilliantly animated cut-scenes, beautiful 3D backgrounds and one of the best orchestral music. While the puzzles and riddles are very hard and logical, an in-game hint system is available to get tips. A map is also available in the game options, which indicates the rooms and areas you have ventured as you progress into the game. So, if you have played and enjoyed The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour then this game is your best bet.