July 19, 2015

King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

Sierra On-Line, 1992

In this sixth episode of the well known King's Quest series, you play the heroic Alexander, whose beloved Cassima is in imminent peril in her own castle. After being alerted to Cassima's fate by a magic mirror, you must journey to the magical Land of the Green Isles to save your heart's desire. The Land of the Green Isles consists of five islands and you travel between these islands by mean of a magical map and solve puzzles in order to gain favor from the inhabitants.

This is rather an improved addition to the King's Quest series. It is fully mouse-driven, offers a bank of icons from which to select various actions and has an easy to access inventory. While the graphics are not of very good quality, this game is a splendid classic with many magical lands to explore including the land of the dead.