July 19, 2015

Day of the Tentacle

LucasArts, 1993

A sequel to Maniac Mansion, also known as Maniac Mansion 2. You play as Bernard, Laverne and Hoagie, three friends that attempt to save the tentacles that Dr. Fred has decided to kill. But, in their efforts Laverne gets transported 200 years in future and Hoagie 200 years in the past by Dr. Fred's crazy machine, the Sludge'o'Matic. You control all three characters one at a time by switching between them whenever you want.

This romping adventure title has a true point-and-click interface, marvelous graphics, and one of the first to feature cartoon characters with animated facial expressions and physical body humor. Additionally, the digital quality music, speech and sound effects bring more fun in the game. Its one of LucasArts' finest game and one mustn't miss it!