July 19, 2015

Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire

Yosemite Entertainment, 1999

This is the last chapter of the Quest for Glory series which was started in 1989 with it's first game, Hero's Quest, which was later remade with icon driven interface, VGA graphics, improved sound effects and music under the title, "Quest for Glory 1: So You Want to be a Hero." In Quest for Glory V, you have been sent to Silmaria by Erasmus the wizard to take part in the Rites of the Ruler ship. The ruler of Silmaria has been assassinated and someone is trying to release the dragon by destroying the five pillars, situated in five different locations around the island. These magical pillars are meant to keep the evil dragon sleeping in its lair and villages around the island safe from its evil deeds. The game also features most of the characters from previous Quest for Glory chapters.

The graphics in Dragon fire are breathtaking with excellent digital sound and music. The interface is point and click and very easy to maneuver. If you enjoyed the previous Quest for Glory games then I would highly recommend playing the last in the series.