Favorite Links

The following are a collection of my favorite adventure games' websites and their respective links.

Wanna trade or looking for a rare classic game? Try your luck here.

Under the umbrella of free-speech I have plenty to say about this place but I keep my enthusiasm for some other time. Now, I warn you that if you're really a die-hard adventure gamer as myself and your life depends on talking and meeting other similar gamers then visit this place at your own risk.

The largest and most visited adventure games site on the web. Most of the reviews are worth perusing. Visit this site and fall in love with the adventure games.

A very well designed and huge site for all kind of games. They have thousands of games listed in their database with brief reviews but detailed other information and covers screenshots.

A very nice site aimed for a collective coverage on adventure games. They present game reviews, previews, articles, features, editorials, interviews, news, cheats, solutions, solves, walkthroughs, FAQ, guides, hints, and tips!