July 19, 2015

Conquests of Camelot: Search for the Grail

Sierra On-Line, 1990

In the days of the Round Table, legendary knight Lancelot falls in love with his King's bride, Guinevere, setting into motion a series of disastrous events that threaten all of Britannia.  And now, three of Britannia's most renowned knights have vanished. As Arthur, you must quest from Britannia to Arabia to save the knights and your homeland by finding the Holy Grail. On your way, you meet the Lady of the Lake, the Black Knight and finally, pass the test of the six goddesses to prove yourself true and worthy to receive the Holy Grail.

The game has similar type-and-click interface to be found in all earlier Sierra On-line games. The EGA graphics and PC speaker supported background tunes are marvelous and make this piece of bits and bytes a masterpiece.