February 8, 2015


DreamForge Intertainment, Inc., 1998

Sanitarium is undoubtedly the very best psycho-social thriller ever created with a story so gripping that I would literally ruin it if I start telling you about it. Though the introduction movie sequences explains that you discover something while observing the night sky in your observatory and call someone to tell him about your discovering. Then you get in your car and drive fast along a dangerous hillside road and at one point you lose control and drive off the road and vanish into the dark. The game begins as you awake to find yourself an inmate in a sinister insane asylum, but with no memory of who you are or what brought you this impasse. The malevolent atmosphere only deepens as each new chapter of the game unfolds, revealing frightening plot twists.  As the mystery of your past is slowly revealed, you struggle to escape the nightmarish landscape.

This classy adventure has it all: First-rate writing, brilliant storyline and stunning graphics - graphics terrifying enough to send you screaming into the night. While not for the squeamish, lovers of horror games must not pass up this one. If you are deciding what to play next, make it Sanitarium.