February 8, 2015

Full Throttle

LucasArts, 1995

This is one of the finest LucasArts' adventure games and my favorite. In Full Throttle you play the role of Ben, the leader of the Polecats, a small gang of bikers. The CEO of Corley Motor Co. has been murdered and you are the prime suspect. A freelance newspaper photographer is the only witness as she took photographs of the actual murderer while he was busy committing the crime, and also framed you. Your gang is in the Police custody for interrogation and now, it is your task by fate to bring the real murderer to justice and proof yourself innocent.

Full Throttle has same style of graphics found in The Dig and Day of the Tentacle. The graphics, voice acting, and story are all fabulous and the interface is totally different and unique. This is a great game and a masterpiece in all respects and highly recommended to those who have never played an adventure game before.