February 8, 2015

The 11th Hour

Trilobyte, 1995

The 11th Hour is the sequel to the acclaimed puzzle adventure game, The 7th Guest. In this sequel you play the role of Investigative Reporter Carl Denning, who enters the mysterious mansion of Henry Stauf, the evil mastermind toy maker, in search of Robin Morales, his colleague and girlfriend, who is mysteriously disappeared while doing a report on Henry Stauf's haunted mansion. The evil curse still lurks in the mansion, which is now a rotted structure. Every mansion room is nesting an evil and deadly puzzle, which has to be solved in order to continue your search. Every puzzle you solve will reward you a video sequence, which in turn gives you a lead for your next move.

New locations are added in this sequel along with previous locations but with a completely new graphical look and atmosphere and the player will never ever get a feeling of a replay. The interface is slightly improved but the best feature of the game is the smooth playing of video sequences with full screen and 16-bit graphics, thanks to intelligent video compression engine by Graeme Devine. The digital music is also excellent and spooky enough to raise every hair on the back of your neck. In my opinion, every puzzle-solving adventure fan should play this game only to find out if he can rescue Robin using just his wits and a battery-torch in hand.