February 8, 2015

Big Red Adventure

Dynabyte, 1995

The thieving characters from Nippon Safes are reunited in Big Red Adventure and again you get to play as each of the three main characters, Doug, Dino and Donna. The game compares the difference between the old and the new Russia. Old Russia was Communism, Karl Marx, the Cold War, Kremlin and KGB, but the new Russia is capitalism, junk food, video games and queues… Yeah! Long annoying queues.

While the puzzles are quite fun, the interface is somewhat clumsy and accessing the inventory during game play can be frustrating. While it does not live up to it’s predecessor in either story line or game play, this point-and-click graphic adventure is a must for anyone who enjoyed the misadventures of our hapless trio of thieves in Nippon Safes.