February 2, 2015

Norse by Norse West: The Return of the Lost Vikings

BEAM Software Pty. Limited, 1997

This game (better known as Lost Vikings II) has managed to split my mind in half. On one hand I absolutely loved it as a sequel to the great game (and it's about as good as the first part), but on the other hand I was disappointed, because it's only about the same good as part one.

To tell you the truth it seems like the first game has only been prolonged. The concept is the same, the story more or less as well and the game-play identical. The game has gotten a do-over though. New backgrounds, new and better graphics, slightly different looking characters and more side characters to replace the Vikings.

All in all it seems more like an extension pack to the original game then an independent sequel, but it is just that. I don't know, I guess I just expected something more. I mean, it's still a very good game worth playing, but if you played the first part you'll be disappointed. It's too much of the same thing. The puzzles function in the same way, the dialogues between the Vikings are on the same level of wit and if the graphics were the same you would have real problems choosing which of the two games came out first. This is a typical example why we shouldn't have sequels. They took the original idea behind the Lost Vikings and put them in a different setting, that's just it. Luckily the puzzles are challenging enough, to keep your mind off the copycatting!