February 2, 2015

Discworld Noir

Perfect Entertainment, 1999

The third and last of the Discworld graphics adventure series originally written by Terry Prarchett in a series of books with the same name. In this sequel, instead of playing Rincewind, the wizard-in-training, you take over the role of Lewton, a poor private eye trying to make a living in Ankh-Morpork, which is now turned into a big and dark city. In the beginning of the game you watch Lewton get killed by some unknown being and then you play the game in the flashback of this tragic story. A mysterious lady, Carlotta hires your services to find a man named Mundy. At first the job doesn't seem very hard but later it becomes more mysterious and dangerous as you investigate more about Carlotta and Mundy. This mysterious quest makes you investigate murders, secret cults and ancient artifacts.

The game has pre-rendered 3D background graphics and 3D characters. The fantastic music is always appropriate to the environment, and fun to listen to. Sound effects are good and the characters' voices are all well done. One of my most recommended games.