February 2, 2015

Robin Hood: Conquests of the Longbow

Sierra On-Line, 1991

Similar to the early King's Quest games in story-line and graphics, Longbow casts you in the role of legendary thief and a nobleman turned outlaw, Robin Hood. Explore Sherwood Forest while stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. But don't forget to protect your band of Merry Men, and save the beautiful Marian from the evil Sheriff of Nottingham. Only by succeeding in these tasks can you raise ransom money to free King Richard from the French and help him regain his throne. While there are many arcade sequences in this game, there are also some difficult puzzles to be solved. The arcade sequences' difficulty can be adjusted or turned off completely.

Conquest of the Longbow is also the last game in Christy Marx's excellent Conquest series and offers beautiful graphics, music and an icon-based interface, which is found in all later Sierra On-line games. Highly recommended for all the fans of the genre.