February 2, 2015

The Mystery at Greveholm

Vioma Digital Media, 1997

A little known kids adventure game developed by Vioma Digital Media, a game-developing house in the City of Malmo, Sweden. The story surrounds the haunted Greveholm Castle. There are rumours that in the 19th century a princess landed her space ship in the castles courtyard and the count imprisoned her in the castle. The count is dead but people believe that his ghostly skeleton still guards the castle and the princess, who is still alive. You enter the castle determined to rescue the princess and send her safely back to her world. Your quest is to find the various parts of her space ship scattered all over the castle rooms, reassemble her robot companion named SPARK, mend her space ship and outwit the count. The game is well made with nicely developed still graphics, which in turn are beautifully rendered in 3D. The interface is quite easy to use and young kids find no difficulty in navigating the movement in the game. Overall, this is an enjoyable adventure game for every member of the family.