February 2, 2015

The Longest Journey

Funcom, 1999

A splendid and epic graphic adventure game set in the year 2209. In this game you play the role of April Ryan, who is afflicted with strange nightmares that seem so real. April Ryan is an art student in a local art college who has recently come to Newport. In reality these nightmares are real but April is unaware of her ability of opening shifts and travelling to another world. Cortez, a strange old man, who lives in one of the rooms in the same boarding house informs her of this ability and seeks her help to save the two worlds Arcadia and Stark from destruction.

The Longest Journey is a huge game consisting of 13 chapters and will normally take many days to finish. Puzzles are good and challenging but not very hard. All other gaming elements, such as graphics, music, and voice acting are excellent and make the Longest Journey the best adventure game ever created.