February 2, 2015

Plan 9 from Outer Space

Konami, 1992

While not actually based on the movie with the same name, which was one of the very best "bad" films of the 1950's, this title is just as comfy and funny, as it's namesake. You play as a movie studio detective, who has been hired by a film producer to investigate the disappearance of 6 reels with 6 parts of the film with the title, "Plan 9 from Outer Space."

The game-parser is somewhat like that to be found in the Hugo's House of Horror series. You must create sentences using verbs from the list provided on a grave stone. But unlike the Hugo gaming engine, this parser is surprisingly intuitive and usually has no trouble grasping your meaning. It also allows a series of actions to be requested by the gamer, instead of forcing you to separate each specific command. Additionally, the dry humor and colorful characters will keep even those who dislike "parser-games" interested and amused.