February 2, 2015

Ghostly Desires

Spice Interactive, 1995

Ghostly Desires is an obscure horror adventure game suitable for mature audience only. The game involves Cortland Manor, a renowned mansion built in 1824 and converted into a bordello at the turn of the century by a beautiful Madame named Lexiana O'Brian. In 1911, the ill-repute house was completely burned in the Great Plumb Hollow fire, killing seven women including the Madame in the blaze. After many years the house was once again reconstructed from the original architect's blueprint, but the real estate agents were unable to sell the house due to the rumors that the house is haunted and the  restless spirits of the ill-fated girls and the Madame still dwell the house. Again in 1969, the property was taken over by the state and turned into a National Monument, where visitor were allowed to explore but strongly  advised to proceed on their own risk.

You step into the deserted manor almost eighty years after the original fire. However, you soon find that you are not alone and the spirits of the seven women are seeking your help and each of them asks you to set her spirit free by fulfilling her last ghostly desire. How? That's for you to figure out.  As you explore the manor, you will discover that every room has  its mystery. You'll just have to rely on your own intuition. Many have failed before you, but perhaps you are the one that can help the ghosts of Cortland Manor move on.

The game has a smart cursor that changes as it moves over areas where your attention is needed. Graphics are beautifully created in 3D and full-motion video clips and figures are superimposed to get some ghostly effects. Puzzles are a mixture of logical and board games and not so hard for professional adventure gamers. Sound and music is very atmospheric and bit creepy.  Characters are totally real artists and their voice acting is well done. In the ending lines, I would strongly recommend this game to all the adventure game players age 18 and over and especially, to those fans of "The 7th Guest" and "The 11th hour" who don't get offended by some softcore porn.