February 2, 2015

The Blobjob

Intelligames, 1998

The Blobjob is the first safety and security game ever designed with a goal to educate the players about drugs, violence, sex, fire and traffic accidents as they play. The game is set in not a very distant future, where you play the role of Joe, the Security Officer at Nanoblob Incorporated, a high-tech research company that creates artificial humans. Nanoblob has recently created five very intelligent synthetic humans known as NanoMan, which are mysteriously disappeared from the facility and now, you are assigned to investigate and find them.

Visually, the game is done using excellent quality full-motion video of real actors, places and mixed with computer-generated graphics and excellent animations. While the music is not so good in quality the voice acting is rather poor in quality. The best thing I enjoyed in the game is the quality of puzzles and problems that are very logical and bit hard for novice adventure gamers. Overall, however, the Blobjob is a worth playing game and I do recommend it if you like to spend hours solving hard puzzles.