February 2, 2015

Mystery at Greveholm 2: Journey to Planutus

Vioma Digital Media, 1999

The Mystery at Greveholm 2 is the second outing in the fantasy game series about an alien princess from a distance planet, Planutus. In the first episode, you enter the haunted Greveholm castle and free the Princess from the imprisonment of evil skeleton of the Count of Greveholm and sent her back to Planutus after finding the missing parts of her spaceship and fixing them back. This episode starts where it was left off in the first one. The princess has been locked in a cell on her planet by an evil Jellyfish king, who has also get hold of the sacred Planutus crystal ball. Princess' faithful companions, Ivar, Lillan and Spark, the flying robot travel to earth in a spaceship and crashes it in the lawn in front of the Greveholm castle, but luckily survive the crash. The game starts and you see the three game characters in a top-down perspective, which you control one at a time by selecting the picture of the character you want to play shown on the right side of the screen. Your first job is to help the game characters in repairing the spaceship by finding the missing parts in order to travel back to Planutus. The second job starts on planet Planutus, where you need to turn on the power in the town and then find a way to rescue princess and defeat Jellyfish King. In their quest, the game characters will find many magical and strange objects, which will help them to overcoming different obstacles and problems. An active character dissolve his or her energy faster than the ones non-active so keep on restoring the energy by finding different energy items such as banana, milk and energy cells.

Puzzles are mostly finding different inventory items and placing them in their right place. Many pots and gold parchments scattered in the game provide clues and hints for different puzzles. Visually, the game is a fine example of nice graphics. Control interface is smooth and can be controlled either by mouse or keyboard. Every character has a separate inventory, which is easily accessible by clicking the briefcase icon under the respective character's icon. The music and sound effects are marvelous and quite enjoyable throughout the game. Overall, this is a nice game to play and I highly recommend it to all the fans of the genre and especially to the lucky ones, who played the first episode.