February 2, 2015

Creature Crunch

TechToons Limited, 1996

Creature Crunch is one of the funniest cartoon adventure games that I have ever played in my gaming life. The game features a young boy named Wesley, who becomes a victim of Dr. Drod's crazy experiments of transforming humans into monsters, but due to some malfunctioning the machine turns Wesley into half boy/half monster and disintegrates Dr. Drod forever. After the intro is over you find yourself in Dr. Drod's lab, where you meet Brian, another unfortunate victim of Dr. Drod's crazy experiments, who's been transformed into a floating brain in a jar. Your first objective in this game is to find and explore each and every room and floor in the mansion, collect objects that can be eaten by Wesley to get rid of different monsters, hideous creatures and a gigantic cat, which has nine lives. In many situations, Brian, the floating brain in a jar will help you as your sidekick. The main goal of the game after defeating all the monsters is to help Brian and yourself to get back your human form and reach back home in time.

The game has hilarious dialogues, presented in the voices of Martin Short and Eugene Levy, two top-notch comics of our time. The cartoon like graphics are extremely good even for the time the game was released. Puzzles are not so hard and can be solved in any order due to non-linear story line. The interface is simple point & click and the best feature is that almost every object can be clicked for a giggle or two, even if it doesn't have anything to do in the game. Overall, Creature Crunch is a nice adventure game and highly recommendable for all the members of the family.