February 2, 2015

The Curse of Monkey Island

LucasArts, 1997

With the departure of Ron Gilbert, the gaming genius who was responsible for the first two Monkey Island adventures, many feared that the third installment in the series would not live up to the high expectations of fans. However, the game not only retains the charming atmosphere of its predecessors, but it’s superior graphics and game play ensured the creation of future sequels. As the bumbling Threepwood, you are again pitted against the dastardly pirate LeChuck, who has been raised from the dead as a demon by a Voodoo curse. Your true love, Elaine, is kidnapped once again, but this time she’s been turned into a golden statue. Can you break the curse that holds Elaine and defeat the demon LeChuck before it’s too late?

Top-notch graphics rendered in a bizarre cartoon style mesh well into the scene. The music and sound effects make this point-and-click adventure one of the best ever created.  Don’t miss this long overdue sequel!