February 3, 2015

Y2K: The Game

RuneCraft, 1999

This game is based on the most feared problem of 1999, when most firms were worried about the Year 2000 and the problems their programs may face if they're not year 2000 compliant. The game is about Dharke Manor, a house that was built in the 19th century by a businessman. In present day, the house is bought by Buster, a Dharke's Electronics' employee, who has recently won a lottery. The house in fact is now converted into a fully computerized house with robot servants and artificial intelligence. The story begins on New Year's Eve of the year 1999 and none of the systems in the house are year 2000 compliant. However, a Dharke's Electronics' computer programmer and Buster's girlfriend are well aware of this problem and she has already programmed an upgrade for the main computer of the house, and she is on her way to Dharke Manor to install the software. From here the game begins as you play the role of Buster. You soon  find out that the house has been taken over by the robots and that Candace, the computer programmer, has disappeared. Your job is to outwit the computers and find Candace.

The excellent two-dimensional graphics are rendered in 3D but the characters and their movements are in 3D. The inventory can be called by hitting the space bar. Every room in the house has its own atmosphere and different music. However, the game rating is not very good but the quality of speech is excellent. Play it only if you like horror and thrilling stories.