February 3, 2015

A Fork in the Tale

AnyRiver Entertainment, 1997

A Fork in the Tale is an interactive full motion video game with Rob Schneider starring in it. The game begins in present time and you get transported to the world of Eseveron in another dimension while saving a young woman's life and getting injured. It's a strange game where you try to figure out what is happening to you because one moment you are in an ocean swimming with the fishes and trying to save your life, and the next moment you are either in a dungeon arguing a strange person who magically materialized in front of you or running away in a jungle trying to hide from some strange people intent on capturing you. The plot in the game is that you must run and avoid everyone accept a woman, who wants to show you the way out of this cat and mouse chase maze.

The game interface is unique and gives you a choice of multiple action paths that leads to different locations, if you choose the right path the game will proceed else you will find yourself repeating the same sequence again and again. Qualifying these sequences need your best quick reflexes and instant decision. Sound and music is quite noisy and sometime become very irritating but according to the situation it suits well. I recommend this game to all the action adventure game fans.