February 3, 2015

Elroy Goes Bugzerk

Headbone Interactive, 1995

Elroy Goes Bugzerk is the first game of a wacky adventure game series by the name "What the Heck will Elroy Do Next?" from Headbone. These games are created for the kids age 7 and above but grown up family members may equally enjoy them. In this chapter the kids play as Elroy, whom together with his buddy dog, Blue goes about doing and fixing everything that Blue destroys or spoils. The first quest is to replace the cake, which Blue has eaten by baking another one. But, baking a cake for Elroy doesn't seem that easy as he must explore the surroundings to find the ingredients and cook it exactly as per the cookbook instructions. Next quest is to chase and find a cyberbug with a mouthful name, Technoloptera that will help you in winning the 10th Annual Big City Insectathon award.

Game puzzles are not so hard to solve for grown up kids but little ones may seek adult member's guidance. There is hardly any music in the game but sound effects and voice-acting is excellent and delightful. As for the graphics and animation, the game is extremely loaded with excellent backdrops and still image animations. As a bottom line I would quote that If you are looking for an entertaining and humorous game, you've just got one!