February 3, 2015

Congo: Descent into Zinj

Illumina Productions, 1996

Congo is a mystery game justifiably adapted from Michael Crichton's Novel of the same name. A movie of the same name was also adapted and released, from which the game contains a lot of full-motion video cut-scenes. An expedition to find the lost city of Zinj has been mysteriously disappeared in the jungle and you have been appointed to investigate the matter and complete the job of finding the mythic city of Zinj and a very precious diamond. The game play depends on exploring the jungle, solving problems, fighting wild animals, protecting yourself from earthquakes. Puzzles are mostly logical and clues can be gathered by analyzing photos, listening to audio recordings and examining inventory items. There are many rivers crossing in your path, which you cross using your canoe.

Congo exhibits excellent quality super VGA graphics and pre-rendered 3D cut-scenes. Music and sound effects are very atmospheric. While the control interface is bit clumsy there are some nice gadgets to manipulate, which make the game play very engrossing and exciting. In my opinion, Congo is an average but nice game to play in your free time.