February 3, 2015

The Awesome Adventures of Victor Vector & Yondo: The Cyberplasm Formula

Sanctuary Woods, Inc., 1995

"The Awesome Adventures of Victor Vector & Yondo" adventure game series consist of four nice and enjoyable adventure games presented in fully interactive comic book style. In each game, you play and control Victor Vector and his robotic Saint-Bernard dog called, Yondo. Our hero, Victor Vector works as field agent at the Museum of Fantastic Phenomena and his sidekick, Yondo the dog assists him in all his time travelling adventures. Basically, all these games have a similar goal of collecting rare and unique items while travelling in different dimension of time. In every game, their only rival is Ram Axis, a villainous virus engendered in the great disaster of 2093. Ram Axis always creates problems to prevent them from achieving their goal of collecting treasures, artifacts and other items.

In this mission our archivist duo risk their lives to save the Curator of the Museum of Fantastic Phenomena who is half-mechanical, half-living being and the cyberplasm which the being needs to live is gradually running out. You must journey back into the 21st century when the robots were in charge of the Earth law and order, to find and recover the secret formula for creating cyberplasm. The game educates players on the history of robots and the three laws of robotics.

The player explores a virtual comic book style environment by using onscreen gadgetry, which consists of clickable directional arrows. To interact with other game characters, simply click them. While exploring you also take care of your energy level, which can be decreased or increased by collecting certain items. Puzzle solving is totally inventory based and information on all the collectable items can be retrieved from Yondo's databank collar. Overall, these are quite enjoyable educational titles for kids and also for avid adventure game fans.