February 3, 2015

The Diamond Mystery of Rosemond Valley

Liquid Media, 2001

"The Diamond Mystery of Rosemond Valley" is an excellent whodunit type of adventure game and reminiscent of most popular Nancy Drew crime solving adventure games. Unfortunately, the game was first released in Sweden as a standalone title but later Valusoft released the English title in a three game compilation pack with the name, "Let's Ride." However, the other two games are simulation games and I have no spare time playing or writing about them.

In this game you play the role of an eighteen years old girl, Emma, who has just joined the Rosemond Valley Post, the only newspaper in the town to become a reporter. On the very first day at her job she gets an assignment to interview a famous Hollywood actress, Kit Grace, who is visiting the town and staying in the Grand Hotel. The game in fact is about an intricate crime took place some 20 years back when a precious diamond was stolen from the town's museum. Thou the robber was caught and sentenced but the diamond was never found again. During the interview Emma unexpectedly gets interested in solving this stolen diamond mystery, which later gets her more interested when a secret note from a stranger puts her on the right track, which leads her to most dangerous situations and suspicious personalities.

The game is developed using a remarkable 3D engine featuring an anti-bump technology, which means that your character will not bump into anything or person and keep on walking by turning to an appropriate left or right angle and supported by multiple camera views. Other then a standard inventory Emma also maintains a notebook and note down important events, which can be read to find clues and hints. The interface is completely controlled by the keyboard using various keys. Graphically, the game exhibits excellent quality 3D graphics, cut-scenes and animations. Sound and music quality is equally good with excellent voice acting. All in all, this is one of my most recommended games and must not be missed by the adventure game fans.