February 3, 2015

Flash Traffic: City of Angels

Tsunami Media, Inc., 1994

Flash Traffic is an interactive movie adventure riding in the wake of full motion video technology of the time with a gripping storyline and average game play. However, the game provides an insight picture of the gritted reality of Los Angles, the so-called City of Angels, with video shooting in various location of Los Angles with real actors playing the roles of different game characters.

The intro shows a DEA team raiding an apartment in the city of Los Angles where after seizing the drugs and apprehending the drug addicted loonies, you and Sawyer, your FBI crony make an atrocious discovery that the house was actually used to create a nuclear bomb, which is now possessed by a dangerous German terrorist planning to blow it up somewhere in the city. Your only lead to reach the terrorist and the bomb before its too late is the terrorist's ex-girlfriend. The national security is jeopardized and you are the only person who can save the day. You play the game watching movie clips, giving orders to your team members and interrogating the criminals involved in the making of the bomb. You have limited dialogue options to choose from and the correct one moves the game forward. But, if you take one wrong move, you are history.

The game displays widescreen and good quality movie clips filmed in various locations of Los Angles accompanied with good quality acting performance from real actors. Ambient music and realistic sound effects are some additional attributes of this game. Interface and the controls are slightly clumsy, but manageable with a little practice. On the whole it is quite a playable interactive movie adventure from renowned Chuck Pfarrer, the creator of 'Hard Target' and 'Navy Seals,' and should not be missed by the fans of classical adventure genre.