February 3, 2015

Mortimer and the Riddles of the Medallion

LucasArts, 1996

A fine educational arcade adventure game from the well known home of adventure games, LucasArts. In the beginning of the game Sid and Sally stumble into a magical world while chasing their cat and dog, which they also find in this enchanted world turned into stone statues due to an evil curse. In fact, the evil Lodius has stolen a magical medallion from the kind professor Lazlow and is using it to steal all the powers from the animals and turn them into statues. The medallion's magic was only intended to do good, thus it explodes into seven pieces and scatters throughout the world and land in places which are protected by some gate guardians. It is now up to Sid, Sally and a very special (and very large) flying snail named Mortimer to unfreeze the animals and find all the pieces of the medallion within 24 hours, because if the animals aren't freed within 24 hours they'll remain in their stone state forever. You play as either Sid or Sally and fly the Magical as well as Mechanical Mortimer and you try to  unfreeze all the animals using Professor Lazlow inventions. Once you end a stage, the Gate Guardian will ask you a riddle related to the last sequence you have accomplished. The correct answer will open the gate and let you get the medallion piece. The animated cut-scenes in the game are brilliant, especially the introduction. The arcade sequences are very entertaining and can be accomplished using your mouse without much difficulty.