February 3, 2015

Blue Ice

Psygnosis, 1995

Blue Ice is a weird puzzle adventure game and rare to find because it was only marketed in Europe and never hit the US market. In the game you play as young prince Edward, whose father has recently died but before he takes over his place and rule the land, he has to prove himself brave and worthy. Many years ago, an infant prince died and the king deliberately blamed a young and innocent girl, Orseppro, and exiled her from his land. But now, it is her chance to influence the would-be king Edward by teaching him the right ways that in return will enlighten his kingship and he can bring changes and overrule the hard and rigid laws his father had enforced in the kingdom of Icia. You main quest in the game is to guide Edward in solving the puzzles and ultimately find the five colors, which are gifted by Orseppro.

Graphically, the game has excellent quality still images and animated cut-scenes. Sound and music also value very high. As for the puzzles, they are quite hard and mind-boggling while they are extremely entertaining in a surreal sense and include preparing breakfast, concocting various potions, learning different musical instruments and getting together two lost lovers. Some gamers may not find these puzzle very amusing but if you love puzzle solving with a unique and different setting then this game is worth trying.