February 3, 2015

Fox Hunt

3Vision Games, 1996

Fox Hunt is a fun pack thriller created using the innovative full motion video technologies of the early nineties. The game put you in the role of Jack Fremont, a totally broke and out of job schmuck trying to find some money to pay his long due apartment rent and to fill his empty fridge and of course, his empty stomach. Luckily, you find yourself in the thick of a CIA backed mission to save a girl taken hostage by the Russian mob and since they have no other suitable competent to do the job, you are hired to survive girl and the FOX HUNT.

The game play consists of three modes. The exploration mode, which is my personal favorite, lets you explore the gaming area, gather inventory items and solve logical problems using your wits. The action or the fight mode triggers only when you confront a baddy, which you take care of being the rude pugilist you are. Maze mode is the third enjoyable mode, in which you drive your vehicle through a series of curvy paths and abrupt turns.

The game plays like an interactive movie with point and click interface and no computer generated graphics of any sort. The movie sequences present some good quality acting from famous Hollywood actors like Rob Lowe, George Lazenby, and Timothy Bottoms, which is further escalated by delightful musical scores from Mark Mothersbaugh, The Butthole Surfers, Sublime, and The Violent Femmes. The Bottom-line is that the game is all enjoyable if the realistic violence doesn't bother you and if you like playing interactive movie adventures.