February 3, 2015

Murder Makes Strange Deadfellows

Tiger Media, Inc., 1992

"Murder Makes Strange Deadfellows" is one of those early adventure games that were released on a CD-Rom due to large amount of data, which could not be put onto magnetic diskettes. The game was developed by the same company that earlier developed "The Case of the Cautious Condor". The game story has a typical whodunit theme presented through hand-painted still graphics that slide or fizzle in and out on the screen as you enter a desired room or location providing the player a comic book experience. You play the role of Nick, whose Uncle Randolph has been murdered and after hearing his will the audience come to know that there is a new will left by him and lying somewhere in his haunted mansion full of ghosts. Your job is to visit all the rooms, observe the events, interact with people as well as ghosts of the mansion and gather clues in a particular time, which may lead you to the missing will and also unravel the truth behind your uncle's death.

The game play is non-linear but since it's a time-based game, you need to think fast before selecting your next line of action. The game does not have any traditional adventure game commands or an inventory and puzzle solving depends more on your observations, talking and hearing as you explore the haunted mansion. Graphics are quite nice and so is the music and speech. Since the game is too old its kind of hard, rather impossible to find in stores but die-hard adventure game collectors may try their luck at ebay or similar sites.