February 3, 2015

Elroy Hits the Pavement

Headbone Interactive, 1995

Elroy Hits the Pavement is the second game in the Headbone's wacky adventure game series, "What the Heck will Elroy Do Next". These games are created for the kids age 7 and above but adult family members equally share the fun and enjoy them. In this chapter, a dangerous gang of criminals has dognapped Elroy's favorite dog "Blue" and also stolen his latest School project, a Canine Revitalizer. Elroy along with his pal Sydney goes out in the city to find and rescue Blue and also to recover the Revitalizer because if they fail to present their school project at school then they will definitely be sent to summer school. The player guides Elroy to many dark underground places, meet and talks with many people, disguise to locate a secret hideout and finally, rescue Blue and recover the Revitalizer.

Unlike the puzzles in "Elroy Goes Bugzerk," this one has bit hard puzzles and one wrong move will lead you to a game-over scenario. Control interface is slightly improved. There is little music in this game along with excellent quality sound effects and voice acting. Graphics and 2D animations are jam packed in the game with scanned images of real places used as backdrops and mixed with computer graphics. If you liked and enjoyed Elroy Goes Bugzerk you would certainly enjoy this one even more.