February 3, 2015

The Neverhood Chronicles

The Neverhood, Inc., 1996

The Neverhood is one of the most bizarre classical adventure games created by Douglas TenNapel. The game is set in a bizarre environment made completely out of clay and casts you as a Duckman, newly born in the third age of Neverhood, a clay world full of mysterious artifacts, extraordinary machines and terrifying monsters. You travel around in this mystery world solving challenging puzzles, blasting monsters and collecting strange pieces of clay-video blocks that will unfold the mystery of your homeland. You are tasked with finding out what has befallen your homeland and how to make it better again.

The game offers one of the best music, a clay world created out of tons of clay fully packed with mind-boggling puzzles, riddles and tongue in cheek animations, which are amazing enough to freak you out and make you applaud.