February 3, 2015

Midnight Nowhere

Saturn Plus, 2004

Midnight Nowhere is without doubt the most suspenseful and mysterious adventure game I have ever come across and so engrossed that for many nights I fought with my sleep just to finish it. But, despite the creepy atmosphere and extremely bloody scenes there is neither violence nor action in the game and the gameplay depends more on puzzle solving and opening close doors by finding keys, keycards even fingers to open scanner operated doors. The game starts in a mortuary, where you awake just to discover that you are zipped inside a body bag along with four more body bags containing dead bodies. Your memory lane is closed and you have plenty of questions mingling in your brain with absolutely no answers yet. You explore the hospital just to find any clue or hint, which may provide answers to any of your questions. As you progress in the game and explore further you discover that there is a master criminal and psycho killer, who has done all these murders. The police are trying their best to catch him; even army is on the run to catch the maniac. People are horrified and trying to leave the town, where horror and death is reigning. But, now there fate is actually fallen into your hand and its only you who can solve this mystery and catch the psycho before he does another score or even gets you so, prepare yourself for this most thrilling experience in this beautiful world of suspense and horror.

Visually, the game scores an "A" with its beautifully rendered 3D still backgrounds, stunning cut-scenes and animation, smooth character movement and point and click interface. Music is very atmospheric and realistic sound effects provide the gamer a sense of reality, especially walking, door opening and closing sound. The game also serves some adult-nature images and dialogues, which are not recommended for little teenagers but overall the game is a gem and worth playing so don't miss it, okay?