February 3, 2015

Hariboy's Quest

Condor Software, 1996

A nice cartoon adventure game developed to promote Haribo chocolate candies. You play the role of Hariboy, a young kid who got sucked by a painting in his room into the enchanted fantasy land of Bonbonia, where an evil dragon has destroyed a candy formula which was kept safe in a chest. The land of Bonbonia consists of three worlds, the Western world, the Roman world and the Medieval world and a magical tree controls the access to these worlds. The precious candy formula has a duplicate copy, which is further scattered across three books and each book is hidden in each world of Bonbonia. Your quest is to find a way to reach these worlds and get hold of these books and retrieve the formula. During your quest you have to handle some crooks that are also after the valuable formula.

Hariboy's Quest is one of those few games where you have hundreds of locations to visit, which in turn are decorated with colorful cartoon like graphics. The puzzles are quite logical and promote different Haribo candy products. Overall, Hariboy's Quest is a fun game that will amuse every member of the family.