February 1, 2015

Chop Suey

Magnet Interactive Studios, 1998

Chop Suey is an excellent interactive storybook adventure about an imaginative magical world of two little girls, Lily and June Bugg. The title is originally developed using the folk artwork and illustrations created by average modern age kids. The game starts in a fictitious town of Cortland, Ohio by looking at an overhead map of buildings, houses and gardens of the town. A point and click arrow cursor allows you to explore the town by clicking the place you are willing to go. Lily and June Bugg are visiting their Aunt Vera, who lives in this town and whose life consists of a series of magical events. The little girls visit every place in the town, do many interactive activities and provide a very educational and entertaining story about the place to the player. The music and sound effects used in every scene also portrayed an accurate glimpse of the atmosphere. In the closing lines I would say that Chop Suey is a very weird game, which will definitely florish your imaginations and creativity.