February 1, 2015

Dracula Unleashed

ICOM Simulations, Inc., 1993

As the title interprets, this interactive game really unleashes Bram Stoker's Count Dracula for the very first time. The game is created in the same mould Icom used in its earlier Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective series with much use of FMV technology of the time. The game play is non-linear as the player chooses a location to go to, and each location serves different events through movie clips of real actors hired to do the job.

Dracula Unleashed is set in London of 1899, a decade after the elimination of Count Dracula according to Bram Stoker's novel, where you play as Texan Alexander Morris, the younger brother of Quincey Morris, who lost his life in defeating Dracula. Alexander arrives in London following a trail of ghastly murders, werewolves' tracks and Dracula's brides. While on the trail of this new evil, you proposed to the love of your life, a local girl named Annisette, who also becomes a victim of this evil, and now your goal is to save her from transforming into a vampires and the queen of this new Dracula or she will transform you into a bloodless corpse if you fail her. During the game, your only aide is your brother's old friend, who luckily survived fighting Dracula with your brother.

The progress in the game mostly depends on you being present at a right place at the right time. To solve puzzles you must be equipped with proper inventory items while entering a location or the consequences could be fatal, but favorably there are multiple paths and solutions to every problem that lead you to final game ending. Graphics, as I mentioned before are totally full motion video clip with average quality acting of real actors. Overall, the game is an average horror adventure game, which could be enjoyed by the fans of the genre as the music and sound effects are quite creepy to raise the hair on the back of their neck.