February 1, 2015

Paris 1313

Canal+ Multimedia, 1999

Paris 1313 is an average historical adventure game that will take you to medieval France, the colorful land of romance, music and intrigue. In the opening sequence the player watches Adam's accidental death by falling from the roof of the Notre Dame Cathedral where he was replacing the old clock with his self-invented mechanical clock. Adam's brother Jacques, a nobleman named Pierre and a stage actress named Rosemonde are accused for this accidental death by villainous Brother Jean. The story revolves around these three main characters and you play every character separately in any chosen sequence. To unravel the mystery every character have to solve a series of puzzles and finally proof themselves innocent. The game is a little short and can be ended in no time by average adventure game players.

Paris 1313 features excellent quality 3D rendered graphics overlaid on nicely created medieval Paris backgrounds. While the voice acting is par-excellence, the sound and medieval background music is extraordinarily original and meshes well with every scene. The puzzles are far too easy while they are not very logical including some maze, archery and board games. Overall, it's an average adventure game and should not be missed by the fans of the genre.