February 1, 2015

Golden Immortal

Whitestar Mageware Company, 1990

This is one of the rarest and hard to find titles, which I finally purchased from a person serving as a priest in the Department of Correction in some State Penitentiary. The game was originally developed for Atari ST but later ported to Apple Macintosh and IBM compatibles by Whitestar Mageware.

The game has four paths to play that can be played randomly, except the fourth one, which is protected by a code and you have to end the previous three paths to reveal the secret code. In the game you play Pana and Lea, a couple chosen to unravel the mystery of Golden Immortal with the help from many game characters, which they meet during their adventure in a fantasy world of dragons.

The game play in all four paths is mostly text based with still graphics that slide in to provide an idea of the thing or person described in text. In-game audio is none except some melodious digital background CD audio tracks that play continuously throughout the game. The controls are very easy and mostly mouse-driven. Over all this is an average game in all aspects by keeping in mind that the game was developed in a time when multimedia games were still in their early stage.