February 1, 2015


Cryo Interactive Entertainment, 1997

After playing Hardline I really wondered and hardly believed that gaming houses like Cryo Interactive and Virgin Interactive are behind the release of this nettlesome piece of software disguised as action-adventure game with a game play pesky enough to make you break your keyboard, mouse and no doubt, your monitor in remorse. However, on the contrary I did find few things reasonably attractive, such as the combination of good quality digitised full motion video in the action sequences, the paranormal storyline and some sexual contents, which I reckon were thrown in to make this game go.

The plot of the game puts you in the shoes of Ted Irwin, a fearless helicopter rescue pilot who finds out that he has some supernatural abilities and decides to make the world a better place. The game is set in a futuristic America engaged in a war against terrorism and a strange militant religious cult known as Sectoid is raising havoc and terrorising the country. Using you psychic powers blast off the baddies in this so called action-adventure game and save the day.

Visually, the game displays (as we all know by now) nothing but full motion video clips put together in a flickless, rather smooth interface. Game play is mostly action and adventure elements are close to none. Sound and music value okay for it doesn't matter in a game with a lot of shooting sound. All in all, I would never dare recommend Hardline to serious adventure gamers, but they may play it at their own risk.