February 1, 2015

Road to India

Microids, 2001

Road to India is an excellent adventure game that involves the blasphemous rites of the followers of Kali, the goddess of death and destruction in Hindu mythology, whom are called thugs. You play as Fred Reynolds, a young American student, who travels to New Delhi, India to rescue his girlfriend, who has been kidnapped by the thugs. The game intro shows a terrorist act as a thug implants a briefcase bomb in a middle class district of New Delhi that mistakenly injures one of the top-notch Indian film actress and burns half of her face. The game is set in modern day New Delhi, where people believe that thugs are no more in existence. Other exotic Indian places like Taj Mahal, the last resting-place of Queen Mumtaz Mahal and the historical Kali temple are also included in this game. 

The game is developed using a 360-degree view-able interface with pre-assigned directions to go, which means that you can only walk in the direction the game wants you to go. Excellent graphics are rendered in 3D including the characters and the cut-scenes. A variety of puzzles are packed in this game other than logical ones  and you will need some basic knowledge of Hindu mythology to solve. Good exotic music and sound effects along with typical Indian accent voice acting elevate the fun and make this game a true entertainment for every classical adventure gamer.