February 1, 2015


The Dreamer's Guild, 1995

James Gurney's fictional world of Dinotopia is brought to the realm of interactive gaming in this point-and-click adventure for children of all ages. You play as young Nathan, who finds himself ashore on a strange world after separating from his twin sister Constance, due to a terrible shipwreck. Intelligent Dinosaurs and humans, living together, have peacefully populated this land known as Dinotopia. Your quest is to find a way to talk with them as they speak a strange language, make friends with Dinos, collect useful items and finally find your missing sister, whom you are sure survived when the ship was sinking.

The graphics used as backdrops are very colorful and fascinating for kids. While puzzles are mostly inventory based, they are somewhat easy and quite entertaining and help to further involve you in the story. Additionally, there is no text or subtitles option, which makes the game a little bit difficult unless you play with a walk-through, but speech and beautiful cut-scenes are very helpful in solving many puzzles.